Katy has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has held lecturing posts at a number of institutions including: University of Leicester, Goldsmiths, University of Cambridge (undergraduate supervision),  Open University, and City University. She currently lecture for the Open University and holds the post of Associate Professor with Colgate University (USA), Oberlin College (USA), and the University of Oregon (USA).


Courses taught include: ‘Exhibitions, Industry and Empire, 1851 – 1951′, ‘Making the Modern World’, ‘Methodologies’, ‘English Urban Renaissance’, ‘Arts Past and Present’, ‘Art and Visual Culture 1600-2010’, ‘Making Sense of Things: Introduction to Material Culture’, ‘The Georgian Town’, ‘The Victorian City’, ‘The Age of the Image: Printing and Mass Publication’, ‘Introduction to European Society and Culture 1750 – 2000’, ‘Orientalism at the Fin de Siècle’, ‘London: The Making of a Modern City’.


MA courses taught include: ‘Concepts in Urban History’, ‘Urban Topographies’, ‘Art History’, ‘English Decadence’, and ‘Urban Conservation’.

Postgraduate supervision

I have supervised and examined Masters and PhD students on a wide variety of subjects. Subjects supervised at Masters level include: World War I trench art, Haussman’s Paris, and post-war urban planning. Subjects supervised or examined at PhD level include: spa towns in the long nineteenth century, the urban history of Sarajevo (1878-1914),women in regional television news in the 1950s and 1960s, and Joseph Hansom’s ecclesiastical architecture.


See a sample undergraduate syllabus here.                                                                                                                                

See a sample MA syllabus here.