‘The Common Story’

Tooting Common Historical Research Project

In early 2015 I was appointed Historical Consultant on ‘The Common Story’ project. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, ‘The Common Story’ is a historical research and toolkit project for Tooting Common. It is part of the Tooting Common Heritage Project,  which aims to explore, restore, conserve and enhance the cultural and natural heritage of Tooting Common. To this end, ‘The Common Story’ is working in partnership with local community groups to research the social, topographical, architectural, and environmental history of the Common.

Research strands include: Dr. Johnson and his association with the Common, Tooting Bec Lido, historical biodiversity, sports and public activities on the Common, and criminality on the Common.



The aims of the project include:

1. To undertake a historical research project which will provide evidence and a true understanding of the history of Tooting Common. To incorporate the 2 main research strands: ‘Landscapes of the Common’ and ‘People of the Common’.

2. To empower and work with local volunteers and communities to discover more about their local history and gain new skills.

3. To produce an evidenced historical research report.

4. Produce an updated map of places of historical and landscape interest.

5. Produce a timeline of major events in the history of the common.

6. Produce a ‘Historical Research Toolkit’, including the identification and recording of any key historical facts and/or features of the common.


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