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Channel 4: Prince Albert – A Victorian Hero Revealed

As part of a season commemorating the bicentenary of Victoria and Albert’s births, Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed explores Albert’s interest in political reform, education, architecture and design. Dr. Katy Layton-Jones discusses his inspirational designs for housing the poor and industrial classes. Channel 4 on Saturday 24th August 2019. Spun Gold TV for Channel 4                   ‘Pick of the Day’, The Guardian        ‘Critic’s Choice’, The Times     ‘What to Watch’, The Telegraph                              
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BBC Radio 4: The Matter of the North

The Art-Treasures Exhibition, 1857 Melvyn Bragg celebrates the achievements of Manchester, the original northern powerhouse. Its emblem is the bee, a symbol of work, cooperation and industry. It was from here that huge scientific, social and commercial changes would sweep the globe. Melvyn talks to Dr. Katy Layton-Jones about one of the country’s biggest and now largely forgotten art exhibitions which was held in Manchester – The Art Treasures exhibition of 1857. Visit programme website  
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BBC Radio 4: Making History

Tom Holland is joined by Professor Richard Drayton from Kings’ College London and Dr Sean Lang from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, to discuss a new project celebrating the 90th anniversary of the British Empire Exhibition of 1924. Dr Katy Layton-Jones has been working with local archivists and she opens the book on this forgotten event which attracted millions. But what is its historical significance? Was it a celebration of the British Empire or more of a marketing opportunity in the face of domestic opposition? Listen to the programme            
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